Founding of Marksville Sign||||   Founding of Marksville Sign
Welcome to Marksville East|||| Welcome to Marksville East
Down Town Main Street 1915||||   Down Town Main Street 1915
Down Town Main Street 2012|||| Down Town Main Street 2012
Old Avoyelles Parish Courthouse|||| Old Avoyelles Parish Courthouse- 1845
Courthouse Square|||| Courthouse Square - 2013
Old Avoyelles Parish Jail House|||| Old Avoyelles Parish Jail House - 1908
Marksville City Police Department|||| Marksville City Police Department - 2013
Marksville City Court|||| Marksville City Court -2013
Marksville Fire Department|||| Marksville Fire Department - 2013
Christmas at City Hall|||| Christmas at City Hall - 2012
Paragon Casino Resort|||| Paragon Casino Resort
Mural Wall D. A. Office|||| Mural Wall D. A. Office
Hope House Mural Wall|||| Hope House Mural Wall
Avoyelles Parish Courthouse about 1880|||| Avoyelles Parish Courthouse about 1880
Down Town Main Street 1852|||| Down Town Main Street 1852



The dedication to the new Veteran’s Memorial at Edgar Park in Marksville was held on November 11, 2011 (11, 11, 11) at 11:00 a.m.  This is a picture of the new granite walls representing each branch of the service with Veteran’s names etched on the specific wall representing the branch of service they served in.