Founding of Marksville Sign||||   Founding of Marksville Sign
Welcome to Marksville East|||| Welcome to Marksville East
Down Town Main Street 1915||||   Down Town Main Street 1915
Down Town Main Street 2012|||| Down Town Main Street 2012
Old Avoyelles Parish Courthouse|||| Old Avoyelles Parish Courthouse- 1845
Courthouse Square|||| Courthouse Square - 2013
Old Avoyelles Parish Jail House|||| Old Avoyelles Parish Jail House - 1908
Marksville City Police Department|||| Marksville City Police Department - 2013
Marksville City Court|||| Marksville City Court -2013
Marksville Fire Department|||| Marksville Fire Department - 2013
Christmas at City Hall|||| Christmas at City Hall - 2012
Paragon Casino Resort|||| Paragon Casino Resort
Mural Wall D. A. Office|||| Mural Wall D. A. Office
Hope House Mural Wall|||| Hope House Mural Wall
External link opens in new tab or windowAvoyelles Parish Courthouse about 1880|||| Avoyelles Parish Courthouse about 1880
External link opens in new tab or windowDown Town Main Street 1852|||| Down Town Main Street 1852
||||External link opens in new tab or windowPainted by Leah Morace
Painted by Leah Morace


The dedication to the new Veteran’s Memorial at Edgar Park in Marksville was held on November 11, 2011 (11, 11, 11) at 11:00 a.m.  This is a picture of the new granite walls representing each branch of the service with Veteran’s names etched on the specific wall representing the branch of service they served in.